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Physical defects that alter the appearance of one or more of your teeth can also cause you to feel socially awkward when you smile. Some patients with divots or minor chips in a tooth can also be at increased risk of suffering from a severe cavity.

If you have a tooth with aberrations in its enamel layer, you should have it examined by a dentist like Dr. Mehrdad Safavian. After a thorough examination he will present you with possible treatment plan options.

Sometimes a cosmetic bonding treatment can be used to address a minor defect that is limited to a tooth’s enamel layer. This process effectively laminates and seal the area of tooth enamel with a special type of composite resin. This will help to restore its cosmetic appearance. This material can be shaded to match the natural enamel of the damaged tooth.

This treatment starts with Dr. Safavian lightly etching the adjacent tooth enamel. This will prepare the proper surface texture for bonding the dental resin. Once it has been applied and shaped the composite resin will be hardened with a special type of ultraviolet light.

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