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Do you know if you have are at an increased risk for cavities? Cavities create small holes in the tooth enamel, and if you have noticed the occurrence of dental erosion and holes in your smile, it could be a sign that your oral hygiene may not be effective. We can offer you some tips to improve your dental health routine with proper brushing and flossing techniques on a daily basis.

You can develop cavities in your mouth at any time, and there are many causes of cavities. These can include poor oral hygiene, a diet full of sugar, lifestyle habits that aren’t healthy and a lack of regular dental visits. In order to prevent cavities from developing in your smile, we can help you create a very effective cavity prevention plan that includes addressing your oral ailments and providing greater support for your teeth.

Some effective cavity prevention techniques that aren’t often considered are using mouthwash and chewing sugarless gum. After you eat, the acid from your food is still on your teeth, and brushing may only spread that acid around your mouth and could damage your teeth. Chewing gum can benefit your oral health by boosting the presence of saliva, a natural substance that helps to remove food debris buildup and reduce the effects of harmful acids on the teeth.

Your oral health could be at a much higher risk for cavities if you don’t maintain a healthy diet. Consuming high amounts of starches and sugar allows the plaque to transform these substances into acids that are harmful and can result in cavities. For this reason, we encourage you to eating a balanced diet and reduce your intake of unhealthy substances such as sugary drinks from weakening your oral health.

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